omg haircut i’m going to be sick with nerves why does this always happen

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i am getting a hair cut tomorrow


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Anonymous asked: hi rae! i hope you don't mind me talking to you about puberty blues again lol. the debbie and sue friendship is the cutest thing ever and ngl i'd be happy if they got together than with those gross beach boys (no offense if you like them heh). however i really don't like the adults being all sexual (like i get it, was in the 70s, adults being adults, etc) but omg its gross and uncomfortable for me to watch :( is that weird? anyways thank you for the recs! have a nice day, you qtpie :-)

hello again! ahh no, not at all!! i totally agree, debbie and sue’s relationship is the heart of the show and i really really hope they get together!! don’t worry i really hate the beach boys actually (with the exception of gary who is much more nuanced than the others) and i also understand the thing with the parents, that actually seems to be a common complaint with the show! i know a lot of people would prefer it if it focused more on the teens than switching to the adults all the time, but unfortunately it doesn’t really change all that much. aaahh but pam (sue’s mum) is probably my favourite character, she’s so wonderful!! and i also adore cheryl so much although not very many people agree with me on that one!!
i hope you’re enjoying it despite the squick! and i hope you have a wonderful day too!!

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i just downloaded a scholarly article to read which is according to my university the only kind of information worth knowing
and it’s typed in comic sans ms

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apparently i liked “tripping over an object and verbally abuse it”

that’s hilarious because if i trip over an object i immediately apologise

so i’m going through my facebook likes to unlike them all and it’s like travelling through time omg

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one of the members in my group presentation hasn’t emailed his stuff in for the powerpoint yet and it’S DUE TOMORROW AN D HE HASN”T SENT IT YET and if he doesn’t send it soon it won’t be able to be p ut in the slide show because the girl who volunteered to put the slideshow together had classes tomorrow morning AHFHFHHFHFHHFFHGHGHGHGHGH 

i’m done my essay thank god (the body anyway, i still need to do cover sheet + references)

but i had to totally change my contention because i literally did not have enough space to argue what i wanted to 

i hate this :C

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110% done with these shitty short essays

how am i supposed to cram so much necessary information into 500 words you assholes

ohhhh noooo i used my high school textbook as a reference for my essay because it had a clear definition and i thought meh who’s gonna notice but i didn’t realise it is literally called ‘psychology: vce units 3 & 4’ omfg i’m going to look like the biggest loser

[flops on the floor]
someone do my homework for me please

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me today:
oh cool daylight savings finished i get a whole extra hour to work on my homework!!

me at 9:30pm, only just starting aforementioned homework:

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fuck mutuals/friends who post untagged spoilers because you can’t really just unfollow them 

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