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i just downloaded a scholarly article to read which is according to my university the only kind of information worth knowing
and it’s typed in comic sans ms

posted 5 days ago

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apparently i liked “tripping over an object and verbally abuse it”

that’s hilarious because if i trip over an object i immediately apologise

so i’m going through my facebook likes to unlike them all and it’s like travelling through time omg

posted 1 week ago

one of the members in my group presentation hasn’t emailed his stuff in for the powerpoint yet and it’S DUE TOMORROW AN D HE HASN”T SENT IT YET and if he doesn’t send it soon it won’t be able to be p ut in the slide show because the girl who volunteered to put the slideshow together had classes tomorrow morning AHFHFHHFHFHHFFHGHGHGHGHGH 

i’m done my essay thank god (the body anyway, i still need to do cover sheet + references)

but i had to totally change my contention because i literally did not have enough space to argue what i wanted to 

i hate this :C

posted 1 week ago

110% done with these shitty short essays

how am i supposed to cram so much necessary information into 500 words you assholes

ohhhh noooo i used my high school textbook as a reference for my essay because it had a clear definition and i thought meh who’s gonna notice but i didn’t realise it is literally called ‘psychology: vce units 3 & 4’ omfg i’m going to look like the biggest loser

[flops on the floor]
someone do my homework for me please

posted 1 week ago

me today:
oh cool daylight savings finished i get a whole extra hour to work on my homework!!

me at 9:30pm, only just starting aforementioned homework:

posted 1 week ago

fuck mutuals/friends who post untagged spoilers because you can’t really just unfollow them 

posted 1 week ago

oh my god i’m going to take my test now i’m gonna be sick

if my internet cuts out during it i’m going to be very angry

posted 1 week ago

me this time last week:
"i am never leaving my homework to the last minute again"

me right now:
[cramming for a test i have to do tonight]
[looking for research and statistics for an unstarted essay due tuesday]
[trying to memorise an oral presentation also due tuesday]

posted 1 week ago

so i’m trying to compile some notes for one of my classes and i got to a term i didn’t quite understand, so i looked back over the notes i took in class to see what i’d written then 
and the only thing i’ve got written down is “puppy”

i wish i was kidding i have a test on this tomorrow